Political Survey Services

Today in the time of technology and neck to neck competition only a planned strategy can improve the chances of winning an election. Vote in the ballot box cannot be obtained without an understanding of the voter/citizen who is casting it. Electoral battles and elections are not only fought with development and politics alone but with statistical analysis of voting trends, social media presence and deep understanding regarding key and swing constituencies.
Political wing of Half Circles Media Pvt. Ltd. can provide Political Survey for your constituency so that you can connect to your citizens and fill your vote bank. We have a group of dedicated professionals who bring research about the position of the party in Loksabha or Vidhansabha constituency in any area or state.
We offer a well-designed political poll that gathers information about voter intentions and opinions, allowing the candidate to understand how to craft their policies and platform to meet constituent needs. Surveys conducted in a scientific manner produce accurate data capable of predicting electoral outcomes for the candidate. Political surveys can accurately predict and project trends in opinions across a variety of demographic /cultural groups.
We have a team of Political Analysts, Legal Experts, Social Media Strategists, Branding Expert, PR Expert who dedicatedly work for their clients to gain the maximum number of seats in an election. We help in targeting the audiences and working for their welfare and benefit of the society so that the Politician/Client wins with a great margin.
We have an experienced team who have worked during the electoral battles and helped our clients to secure and win seats in existing as well as the new constituencies. The team works in mass campaigning, demographic analysis and brand building of our clients.
A political survey tracks the record of the people's opinions, outlook, attitudes, personal information and favoritism. The data is then used to begin political campaigns to have assistance from the maximum scalps.
Generally, the political parties assign online research and survey companies to put themselves in the best winning positions.


The purpose of the political survey:

We mainly focus on why the political surveys are done and how they affect elections. Political surveys have many use cases. Some of the important points are:

Recognizing the supporters

Setting up an opinion poll to identify the people supporting your manifesto. You will get to know who supports your cause, and get feedback on the current work that the misinformed are.
For effective pitching, fine-tune your marketing campaigns. For the potential supporters customize political pitching who can sway to your side.

Bringing the change at the atomic level

To tackle a problem one needs to start at the atomic level. Recognizing problems at constituencies and coming up with the appropriate solutions.
We focus on the concerning problems in the locale, health, economy, and feedback on the current infrastructure.
Starting the political campaign at the atomic level and then taking it to a large scale. The online political survey is the way you go about it.

Organizing political rallies

Political rallies are the biggest expenditure of elections. So, it is evident you are not spending money on events that don't make sense to you or your audience.
Political surveys can let you see the response and success of the whole event at any stage of it.
Starting with thought- through event planning, picking the best representative and volunteers, gathering data, sending invites to the supporters, and preparing for the subsequent rallies based on the feedback.
Using a political survey poll right from arranging a rally to reading on metrics and numbers to prepare for the next rally. And also collecting feedback from the donor who contributes funds to your cause.

For personal polls

You can't trust the centralized new sources despite having tons of online and media-sponsored polls. For your awareness, want to crack down on the most accurate data for yourself? Where does your Maths teacher lean politically? Willing to discover who the guy next door supports?
You can discover what everyone in your circle says.
To put it from a standpoint, you can launch as many polls to disintegrate the ideologies and political compass in your social circle and involve in meaningful conversations with the audience about all the values.

Post-event feedback

You can't work on other event projects, be it rallies or fundraising, unless you know the event's response. Political surveys scrutinize data on high/low attendance volume and let you fix the complications for the following stages of the election. You will get to know how the rallies and the events add value to the audience. Just like.....getting the response on the whole event, so you can prepare more strongly for the next election pitch. Touching specific topics and areas gives rave responses and then reframes the same topics more strongly in the next presentation. Any election you can think of Be it presidential elections or board of directors elections, college general secretary elections or school board committees, online political surveys streamline the election procedure and make it efficient, smooth, and quick. Analysis of political science What do people feel about the media coverage and if they have impartial reporting on the instances? Evaluating the gaps and consistency in political coverage should help in building political content. Understanding how the media influence opinion during the election year and evolving the targeted content to keep holding up your future voter. Audience segmentation Online and offline survey tools are used by political parties to know the ideologies and set of beliefs of specific demography and accumulate content that fits their narrative. Launching campaigns and segmenting our audience that picks up these groups for a long-term commitment to your organizations. Stages of political surveys There are numerous stages to political surveys. These are as follows: Preliminary planning and survey design Data is accumulated to prepare a survey plan and then outline the questionnaires depending on these plans before entering the pretesting phase. It is also important to know what type of survey form should fit your political narrative. Pretesting the survey design In this step, you estimate the effectiveness of your survey questionnaire. It is the same as a demo test before launching the ultimate version to the audience. Increase in validity, reliability, and measuring the gaps in survey design all these are done by pretesting. Final survey design and planning As per testing results, you improvise your data. Before deployment, the questionnaire has to be perfect. Collection of data For meaningful and rich-full insights, collect the data and deploy the survey to your sample audience. Analysis and final report You arrange your data into a structure and finally draw out insightful data for the next political move in the election. Methods of political surveys- Online survey- Collecting data is one of the most cost-effective ways. It can be clarified with their widespread use. The political survey with online surveys: This survey methodology is used by political researchers when they have to target a large size of the audience to ask questions. Response rate: It depends on the surveying campaign. Face-to-face surveys For the effective response rate, these surveys are quite popular for ages. To max out the benefits of face-to-face surveys, political campaigners and surveyors deploy psychographic methods. Telephonic surveys Telephonic surveys are used by political researchers and campaigners to learn what people think of their work and manifesto in the past years. Paper surveys Paper surveys are used by political researchers for sample research and hard document in the field.