Drone Shoot

Who doesn't like beautiful aesthetic pictures and videos of their events, property or series? Getting a different perspective of even common things really catches people’s eyes. Get premium quality videos and photographs from our Drone Shoot services. Through this you will get an aerial view of any event or person. It will capture the emotions in the form of still images and video by a remotely-operated camera. Half Circles will help your brand reach new heights, literally! Real estate, wedding industry, tourism, political events, NGOs, corporate events, sports coverage, university campus shoots, montages, web series all can take advantage of our drone shoot service. Visuals from Drone Shoots can cover the main elements of the industry to bring out honest values for display purposes. It provides panoramic view.

Video and photos from drone shoot is a trend nowadays as it clears the picture whatever it is. The information or the data is provided accurately and finely. Drones are being utilised widely in video production in aerial and underwater photography with much precision and excellent result. Drones can travel quickly in the air due to light weight and catch pictures at different angles providing high-resolution images and videos for your brand, event or organisation. We at Half Circles also provide 2D, 3D and 4D maps as imagery along with measurable distance, volumes, and share. Access aerial vantage points of the business or brand along with hard to reach locations, provided in immediately usable formats.

The bird-eye view also known as the Drone Shot is rather modern than other aerial filming methods. They not only provided a new horizon to the visual world but also gave the viewers or consumers a new perception of watching movies. This advancement involved the production houses, including different camera-angle experts, moving camera experts, different cinematographers, and other photography professionals.


From the very first step of brainstorming the ideas to the last step of running the video, our services will manage everything as per your needs to boost your sales. Each step is taken by considering your vision for the video and your organisation.

Our production services team consists of well qualified experienced professionals with the necessary equipment and knowledge required for video scripting, shooting, editing and producing it. We distribute and promote your video in such a manner that it matches your goals.

We help to convert your creative vision into reality, choosing Half Circles for aerial videography as we provide one of the best drone filming. It is safe, reliable and professional pictures at an affordable cost. We work as a team of professional photographers to carry out different processes and deliver comprehensive data so that you can expand your business wisely.

In the beginning, aerial photography and videography was done through the help of cranes, helicopters, and many other complicated methods which were costly. Now with the help of such advanced technologies aerial filming or drone photography and videography has become very common and easy.

There are certain places around the city where it is prohibited to fly a drone and you may need special permission from the Government. Some of these places are airports, runways, and vital military installations. We at Half Circles will take care of all the legal actions and responsibilities required from the Government to get our clients the perfect drone shoots.

Drone photography has soared in recent years, with the number of and quality of drone photos and videos increasing every year, it is the need of the hour for your brand to get drone shoot services. Our team at Half Circles gives time in research and planning the location and shot to provide our clients with views that simply cannot be seen from ground level. We do not just turn up at a location and hope to capture some interesting shots. Our team plans ahead to identify potential photography subjects and compositions to our clients. We keep a check on the lighting as it is as important in drone photography as it is with any other form of photography. Harsh sunlight during the day can present problems like distracting reflections from buildings and it should be avoided if you are shooting in the direction of the sun. Shooting in the early morning or evenings, when the light is softer and more atmospheric, is the optimal time for drone shoots. We, at Half Circles, take care of all these factors to get you an amazing drone video.

Drone Shoots service is something that has eluded modestly-budgeted productions since the concept first came along. Smaller cameras, inexpensive radio control technology and now the mass adoptions of drones have brought the possibility of great aerial footage and drone photography within reach of practically any videographer or cinematographer. However, drone shots are an important part of your brand integration, as they add special visual elements to help further tell a story.

For your drone shoots to look cinematic, you need the right video camera on your drone. Most drones these days are well equipped with capable integrated video camera systems but do not have the professional approach. In fact, the main features one should consider when selecting which drone to use should be the video capabilities of the drone shoot but you don't have to worry about any of these as we, Half Circles, will provide you a video made with the help of best drone camera, best equipments, experienced camera person. We, at Half Circles, provide you the drone shoot as per your goals and needs. We manage everything from brainstorming ideas, storyboarding, getting permission, licencing, shooting, hiring actors, editing, colour grading to distributing the video. We understand your requirements and provide you with the best results.