Food Photography Services

Food Photography may sound like an easy job but it’s definitely not easy! Food photography takes a lot more than just placing your food on a plate and clicking it’s image. The whole process consists of styling food, adding lights and adjusting according to the surrounding and colour of food, adding props to highlight the main food, selecting different angles, clicking in such a way to enhance more details and post processing. Half Circles’ main motive for food photography is to make the food look more appetizing.

Our team of food photographers are experienced photographers with years of experience. Our team of food photographers understand your perspective and your goals and give you the best results possible.


Half Circles Media Pvt. Ltd. provides food photography services to all restaurants, cafes, bakers, chefs, cloud kitchens, bloggers, hotels, resorts, bars, lounges and home based cooks. We transform their average looking food photos of their delicious platter to appetizing appealing photographs. We plan all the shoots in detail beforehand and work on it accordingly. Our food photography service’s main work is to make your platter look appealing and interesting. Our team of food photographers are highly skilled in making your food photos look interesting, not bland. We are completely aware that beautiful pictures of food make us want to eat that food more. A good food photograph increases anyone’s desire to have that palette.

At Half Circles Media Pvt. Ltd. we believe less is more. We use minimum props and elements so that more attention is on details of the palette. We focus more on texture, colour and details of food so that it looks appealing. We use neutral and simple backdrops so that the attention stays on food and does not divert to the backdrop. We, at Half Circles Media PVt. Ltd. captures your food photographs in such a manner that you can use it on your social media, printing and advertisement.

We know that food styling is the most crucial part of food photography, without food styling the photos might look messy, unbalanced and bland. Balancing food and props is no easy job. Getting the right ratio between food, culinary, props and white space is a very important part. Anything above or below the required amount in frame can mess up and spoil the whole image. Our team of food photography service photographers are experienced. They have expertise in styling food in proper format which adds the charm to your photos.

Getting food photography service from Half Circles Media Pvt. Ltd. will yield you best results. You’ll not only get amazing photos, you will also attract a large number of audience from those pictures which in turn will increase potential consumers. We prepare for your shoot in a very detailed manner, it avoids all the last minute problems and confusions and gives you the best photographs for your palette.