360 ° Video Production

If you were to read about a particular organisation and its services or you were given a video about the same, what would you prefer? Reading everything about them or watching a video about them and their services? When it comes to marketing, words and photos have their limits. They might not be able to convey your message properly to your audience. As a result, you may suffer in sales and engagement. This barrier can be broken through videos. Consumers prefer to watch a video rather than read about it. It helps you boost your lead magnet by grabbing the attention of the consumer and keeping them longer on your landing page.

Nowadays marketing is undoubtedly an important part for any organisation. The importance of video marketing is no secret. A strong communication strategy is required to generate more leads. Including video can help you increase the conversion by almost 86%. Professional videos grab attention more easily. It increases the credibility of products. People prefer to spend more time on videos rather than reading materials. It helps in engagement and conversion.

Getting a high quality, professional video for your marketing strategy may seem difficult but it’s not. We, at half circles, provide you with a full 360 video production service. Our full 360 video production service includes every single thing you’ll need. From A to Z of video production. We provide everything from pre-production to post-processing, ideation, scripting, scheduling, logistics, location and people selection, shooting, voice over, sound setting to video editing as per the client’s requirement. We believe in the power of videos to promote brands, generate leads, prospects, document important stories, showcase capabilities, educate people, connect with your audience, reach a large number of targeted audiences and make a difference.


From the very first step of brainstorming the ideas to the last step of running the video, our services will manage everything as per your needs to boost your sales. Each step is taken by considering your vision for the video and your organisation.

Our production services team consists of well qualified experienced professionals with the necessary equipment and knowledge required for video scripting, shooting, editing and producing it. We distribute and promote your video in such a manner that it matches your goals.

Video Production is not just about making a video, editing and uploading it. It’s much more than that. It’s a sequence of many steps which results in telling the whole story to consumers in a perspective you want them to see.

Our video production services includes consulting, market research, marketing strategy planning, brainstorming and selecting ideas, scripting, budgeting, directing, professional video shoot with proper and different types of equipments and lights, location selection, hiring actors, motion graphics, animation, video editing, voice over, music and sound selection, producing jingles, colour grading, subtitles, securing a licence, SEO optimisation and the distribution of final video.

Our video production service includes different types of videos according to your goal needs. We provide Promotional Videos which are made for products, events, sales etc., Documentary Videos that are made for documenting political events, businesses etc, Social and Web Videos which are specifically curated for websites and different social media platforms with proper research. We also provide corporate videos, music videos, commercial videos, social videos (for events, government, NGOs), wedding videos, creative videos, promo videos and many more.

We understand that the video just doesn’t end with an explanation, it has to leave a long lasting powerful impact on people. Our video production service team has expertise in this area of creating a powerful impact. Your goals are our priority during the whole process. The storyboarding is done with specific care to match it with your goals and needs. Our video production service crew is creative, flexible, and fast with expertise in their field to give you the best video.

Tell us what you want to accomplish. We understand not every company has the same ideas and goals. We believe that success only knocks when things are planned properly towards its way.