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Social media is a powerful new frontier when it comes to digital advertising. These platforms can be used to target your audience based on their demographics, interests, and other information. While it is true that in order to get the best results with your Social Media marketing campaign, utilizing multiple platforms is a must, it is also possible to benefit from using only the platforms that suit your specific needs. Each of these different platforms offers different varieties of marketing tools to assist you in your business quest. Facebook has its ever-expanding advertising options and a plethora of details & data-points on its users, LinkedIn being a platform for professionals serves a direct approach to marketing solutions, and Twitter marketing offers up abundant advertising options and a creative MO with its promoted tweets, profiles, and hashtagging feature which makes it a worthwhile place to advertise, and also our talking point for this article.

Twitter is currently the most used social media platform that has more than 330 million active registered users, over 500 million unregistered monthly visitors, and an advertising audience of 353 million, which makes it an ultra-effective marketing channel and for you a worthwhile investment. This platform has a wide user-base from common people to celebrities & renowned personalities to big business conglomerates. It allows its users to post short updates or ‘tweets’ as they are called, at once only 280-characters in length, and could include photos, videos, links, and hashtags. Apart from serving as a medium that has the first scoop of all the fresh controversies in pop culture, the social networking site also provides plenty of paid advertising opportunities that allow you to target your audience, automate your bids, and promote your business.

The Hashtag Feature

A hashtag is a combination of a keyword or a phrase preceded by the # symbol. For example, if you combine the word 'social media' with the # symbol, it becomes a hashtag #socialmedia.

Hashtags help to categorize and group Tweets and discussions that are based around a similar topic so people can easily look for and follow what interests them. When you search or click on a specific hashtag, you will be able to find all the public posts and profiles that are using that hashtag. For instance, if I search for #bowling, I can see plenty of posts related to the activity of bowling.

Engaging with trending Twitter hashtags helps to attract a highly relevant audience that is interested in what you have to say or sell. You may make your services & products much more visible and attractive to a wider audience outside your following through the strategic use of the hashtag feature, if done properly some might even begin following your brand, boosting your reach and facilitating more business in the future.

Advertising Models

Twitter inherently offers 3 different types of advertising models: Tweet promotion, account promotion, and trend promotion. All three of these ad types have their own pricing models based on their marketing value. Like, say opting for account promotion can cost you $2-$4 per follower gained, whereas trend promotion comparatively can cost you $200,000 on a per day basis, therefore choosing an ad type according to your objectives and marketing budget is crucial for your campaign.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these elements for more detail:


Tweet Promotion

This lets you sponsor and capitalize on your specific high-performing tweets, increasing your visibility and public engagement. These are the original tweets that you posted on your timeline that you choose to promote, which then appear on the timelines of people regardless if they follow your business or not.

This method of ad promotion functions through an auction system and costs depends on how much you choose to bid. The prices vary from $0.5-$2 and you would have to pay based on user engagement to your ad, meaning whenever a user clicks, replies, retweets, or favorites your ad, you would need to pay the bid amount.

Tweet promotion lets you target a larger audience based on if they will be interested in your services. Your promoted tweet appears in the timelines of more people and creates interest for your page, this helps you reach an audience that you could not have reached through organic marketing.

Account Promotion

While you’re on Twitter, you might often notice the platform suggesting you follow some accounts based on your activity; these accounts are using sponsored promotions by Twitter.

As the name suggests, Account Promotion is a paid advertising method that promotes the entirety of your account to your audience. Users that aren’t yet following your business account will see a promoted tweet on their timeline that features your account. These ads are generally suitable for marketers who are looking to increase their followers, grow brand awareness, or announce a product launch. Cost for Account Promotion is established through a bidding system to determine how much you are willing to pay for each new follower that your account gains through promotion. It typically varies from $2-$4 per follower gained but could go higher.

Trend Promotion (Spotlight)

Spotlight is the recent upgrade to the Trend Promotion feature of Twitter. It operates through the newsfeed section; you’ll see a bar on the left-hand side that says, “Trends for you.” In this section, there are a few topics and hashtags that are trending on Twitter. These trends are subject to the preferences of the user who is exploring this section and are overall based on the user’s interests, who they follow, and their location. The promoted trends are tagged to indicate paid content and appear at the top of the trends list.

Similar to the other ad formats, Spotlight works through an auction system and you must bid to get featured on the promoted trends list.

Typically expensive, Spotlight is not feasible for everyone. If though you’re a large establishment with good public engagement and a better social media marketing budget, this type of ad could prove worthwhile for your business.

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There is a significant degree of difference between an amateur ad campaign and a professionally optimized ad campaign, that difference, needless to say, has a strong impact on your ROI. An optimized campaign utilizes the know-how of experts seasoned in digital marketing and relies on the use of the right strategy which gives you a leg-up on the competition and reaches more quality clients in a shorter time-span, bumping up your ROI.

Twitter has a massive user base that is riddled with marketers competing for ad placements that might give them an advantage over other marketers and businesses on the platform. Our digital marketing experts create a suitable marketing campaign based on your business niche and marketing budget so that you may establish a profitable reach to your potential audience on Twitter. We evaluate your website and consider your industry requirements to make your online advertising as efficient as possible. .