Digital Marketing Services for MSME & Other Small Industrial Sectors

Businesses, big or small, cannot be built on thin air; they require thorough planning and a working strategy that helps to keep it growing. The term MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The role of these industries in a growing economy of a developing country is very crucial. If you sit with the gathered data related to these enterprises, you will be more than surprised.

Contribution from MSME Sectors in India:

  1. 50% of India’s Total Exports
  2. 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment
  3. 95% of total industrial units of the country

There is no doubt that this quickly evolving digital technology front in modern times is creating a seriously competitive environment for businesses today. Digital media is a massive platform and has done wonders over the past couple of decades in the development of the individual businesses and the overall development of the country. All businesses around the world share basic goals and those are growing sales, taking correct decisions, and sometimes guess that can help your business achieve that goal. Presently when it comes to maximizing the return on investment (ROI), only Digital Marketing can do the magic.


List of Businesses under MSME

There are 48 categories of services that are listed under MSME. We are listing top 40 services that are in demand for digital marketing:

  1. Automobile garages
  2. Automobile Parts Components
  3. Automotive Electronic Component products
  4. Ayurvedic Products
  5. Back Office Operation in connection with Computerized Data
  6. Beauty Parlor
  7. Bicycle parts
  8. Ceramics products
  9. Coir Industry
  10. Crèches
  11. Electronic Surveillance and Security
  12. Energy Efficient Pumps
  13. Engineering and Fabrication
  14. Furniture
  15. Glass products
  16. Handicraft activities
  17. Hosiery Products
  18. Khadi Products
  19. Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  20. Leather products
  21. Mechanical Engineering
  22. Micronutrients For Plants
  23. Molding
  24. Multi Channels Dish cable Antenna
  25. Natural Fragrance and Flavors
  26. Photographic lab
  27. Placement and Management Services
  28. Poultry Farm
  29. Printing
  30. Recorders, VCRs, Radios
  31. Rental and Leasing of equipment
  32. Retail Trade with low Capital
  33. Rubber Products
  34. Servicing of Agricultural Farm Equipment
  35. Tailoring
  36. Toughened Metallic Ware
  37. Training and Educational Institution (Coaching Classes)
  38. Transformer, Motors
  39. Wooden Furniture
  40. X-Ray Clinics/Pathology

Different types of businesses require different types of strategies, and it can be difficult to implement them properly. Another long-standing myth exists that Small and Medium-sized businesses cannot reap all the benefits of these strategies. However, the truth about such a statement is unfounded, all businesses have the power to strategize and plan their growth strategies. In these evolving trends of Digital Marketing, the MSME sector strives to use the most effective marketing strategies such as blogging, social media, email marketing, and more. The implementation of these strategies should always be flexible and innovative because no one knows what strategy would work for which business. If there exists a common digital marketing element that all businesses require it’s the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Any business or industrial sector can benefit from our SEO services with the assured result of a better online ranking.

Relationship of SEO to SERPs

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the core factor in all digital marketing strategies. Unless they know about your business and are looking to deal with your brand explicitly, potential clients would not be searching for your services and brand name online. It is any specific need that motivates a consumer to go on the search bar of a search engine and look up possible solutions that suit their needs. Typically, this search leads them to search engine result page (SERPs) where your website would be on a massive list, ranked against your competitors. Whether you're on the first rank of the very first page or are sitting somewhere insignificant on the 16th page depends entirely on the strength and efficiency of your Search Engine Optimization. Unless you choose to purchase an expensive search engine ad listing for your website, SEO is something that cannot be overlooked at all. If you have a powerful SEO service, you will land a better rank on the SERPs which directly translate to a better return on investment (ROI) and overall growth as a brand. Investing in digital marketing is a smart practice; customer-focused SEO strategy yields results for your business, without having to dedicate an annual budget for direct advertisement spending.

The system of building up your brand in the online market is called Digital Marketing, that's where we come in.

How does SEO help?

Considering previous data and details, you need to know the key reasons why SEO is actually the secret backbone of MSME digital marketing. These reasons not only bring clarity but will also help in deciding for your business:

  • SEO is more cost-effective than any other method of traditional marketing. It bestows way better growth and it does it super quickly.
  • SEO generates killer revenue. This digital marketing method is the best to maximize sale standards and ROI effectively with minimum investment.
  • SEO optimizes your website, revamps its functioning, and ensures that the site is running its best with minimal resources.
  • How much business any marketing strategy can create is represented as the 'Conversion rate'. The traditional way of promotion and marketing is likely to create low conversion rates as compared to the SEO's rate of conversion.
  • SEO strategy involves studying your potential audience and competition; it helps to create campaigns and promotions accordingly. In-depth research before launching any new marketing campaign is the key, it helps the brand to develop a richer, more healthy relationship with their customers, creating more offline business opportunities as well.
  • A well-tailored SEO strategy that keeps you regularly trending in the SERPs helps the developing businesses to develop and maintain a healthy brand reputation.

We offer a dedicated professional SEO service that will fetch much more attention from your potential clients, meaning much more traffic for your website.

Here at Halfcircles, we believe that digital marketing is indeed a crucial and reliable medium to bring in potential consumer traffic to any business, regardless of its niche, and SEO is the digital marketing quintessence. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals works tirelessly for giving you a quality SEO that you may not be able to integrate and maintain yourself. Our team works for your business website keeping your needs above all else. Our efforts are focused on studying your customer preferences to formulate superior SEO strategies to ensure a higher success rate for your website. We conduct extensive research of your target traffic, competitors, and current ranking before developing a digital game plan that aligns with your business goals, and ensures that your growth as a brand is maximum.