GOOGLE ADS ( SEM / CPC / PPC) on Search Engine & Network Partner Ads

Google's search bar is where people go to find the information to all queries that comes to their mind days. Whether it is to learn how to open a checking account, explore options for a vacation destination, or just simply buy something. Google maintains the problem-solving monopoly for most of the world's population and it seems that its search result pages hold the answer to pretty much everything one could think or want or need. That being said, modern-day consumers heed online research before they choose to buy something to ensure that they are making the best possible choice.

This transition of digital technology, from having to sit in front of bulky screens to just referring to a handheld device, has made research and shopping much easy, more convenient, and way more accessible for people. According to a study 81% of shoppers go online to look up available options for products and services instead of sticking to local alternatives. This pre-survey helps them to explore different options and available offers or deals while making an important purchase. This has changed the face of the trade commerce system in so many ways; as a result, there has been a substantial shift in the marketing system from traditional to digital marketing.

One of the most basic digital marketing practices that most businesses are opting for is Search Engine Marketing commonly known as SEM. It is an efficient and affordable online marketing strategy that helps your company website enjoy greater visibility by directly advertising on the search engines using varying methods. SEM is essentially a non-intrusive form of marketing and marketers understand that the users are looking for information which may directly or indirectly be of commercial nature. Google search engine is the authority in the search engine marketing arena since it has a massive user base and reach that helps businesses to easily connect with their potential customers and ameliorate brand recognition. Google has its own dedicated online advertising service called Google Ads which allows you to reach people when they're interested and searching for the products and services that you offer.


What is Google Ad Service?

Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising service served by Google.

PPC advertising is prevalent for most businesses today, the advertiser has to pay a fee to the host of the serving platform, which is Google, every time a user clicks on their ad on Google's search engine result page (SERPs), which directs that user to their business website, hence the name pay-per-click. These ads are served as highlighted website links that you typically see on the top of Google's result page. Google binds these business website links to chosen keywords and naturally gives them the priority slot on their result pages and also allows you to target any specific demographic that you’re interested in reaching.

Google offers PPC advertising only through real-time bids. This means that to purchase a PPC advert placement through Google Ads, you must comply with a keyword auction procedure that is simply bidding on the keywords that are relevant to the products and services that your are offering. Business marketers bid to have their ads displayed to offer services, list their products, or have their videos featured on Google. Google also provides the option to display your ads on mobile apps, videos, and other individual websites.

When you advertise on Google, your website is usually displayed above, next to, or under the search results if it matches the search query. There is no cost to ads on google initially, your billing is only generated when the users click on your advert and go to your website. The cost per click depends on your budget and how accurately your website matches the query searched by the user. This is currently the most efficient way to advertise online since only the customers who are searching for the keywords you use are targeted and you only have to pay for the adverts that are being clicked on.

Google uses its algorithm known as Ad Rank which factors in the context of the user's search query, your bid amount, auction-time ad quality, and competitiveness of auction to calculate the ad position and its relevance in a given search.

As Google is by far the most used search engine anywhere, search engine advertisement here is among the most profitable. Google's Ad service is the largest pay-per-click platform. It processes more than 2 million search inquiries per minute which mean there’s a solid chance that your ad will get seen by your target audience and potential customers among them, which directly translates to significantly better profit margins. Google Ads is perfect for big companies and small businesses as well.

How do we help?

Your online marketing aspirations will benefit from our many years of experience in optimizing advertisement campaigns.

Google Ads is a program that Google uses to sell its advert services worldwide. Therefore the service is riddled with marketers competing for standard keywords and ad placements that might give them an advantage over other marketers and businesses. Our digital marketing experts create the optimal search engine marketing campaign based on your website's content and marketing budget so that you may establish a profitable reach to your potential customers with search engine advertising by a routine that is targeted and effective. This helps in giving you a leg-up on the competition and reaching more potential clients in a shorter time span.

Our search engine advertising services are developed specifically for businesses that do not have a ton of experience in online marketing. There is a significant difference between an amateur ad campaign and a professionally optimized ad campaign. An optimized campaign utilizes the experience of experts seasoned in digital marketing and relies on the use of the right keywords at the right time. We determine the most significant keywords for your business that are frequently used to search for the type of services and products that you offer and create your ads accordingly. To achieve this, we evaluate your website and consider your industry requirements to make your Google advertising as efficient as possible.