LIVE STREAMING (Webcasting) on Social Media

Avail live streaming services for social media platforms from us to make your event more lively, memorable, and accessible from any corner of the world. Live streaming allows you to webcast (or online stream) events. Anyone can boost his or her business to new dimensions and heights by networking with a huge number of people across the world. So far sports organizations, broadcasters, educational institutions, corporations, and, movie studios are obtaining live streaming on the internet.

Live stream events such as conferences, product launches, weddings, public meetings, summits, and seminars on leading mobile apps, and social media plat forms and reach millions of people in just a few seconds. Currently, we are providing services in northern parts of India including Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Noida), Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, and Barabanki.


Services provided by Half Circles Media

  • Wedding Live streaming allows family and friends who are unable to attend the wedding in person, due to some reasons, still be a part of the special day. This is particularly helpful if there are loved ones who live far away or are unable to travel, extended family members, friends, or colleagues can virtually attain .
  • Anniversary: This is another important occasion that you love to make memorable, especially when it is a milestone achievement like a silver jubilee (on completing 25 years), gold jubilee (on completing 50 years), and diamond jubilee (on completing 60 years), platinum jubilee (on completing 70 years) and centenary (on completing (100).
  • Birthday Party: If you have social media accounts on platforms like facebook , twitter, account on YouTube and you want to make a live stream then probably this is the best option. Just like any other social media platform, videos or content we live the birthday events as well. Our some of clients have made the first birthday of their children memorable by taking our live services.
  • Town halls OR AGMS Live: One of the best ways to run your Town halls or AGMS is with the facility of webcasting. You can share the figures and the facts with attendees online as well in high quality environment from any location.
  • Conferences: Conferences can be easily live-streamed to the attendees or you can address through webcasting services. Live streaming offers flexible attendance while saving on coordination and travel.
  • Product Launch: Some of our clients savvy product marketing teams harness live webcasts as a rapid and cost-effective way to launch their products to their target audience.
  • Webinar: Online live is becoming very popular even it is relatively new to the webcasting space. When it comes to reach hundreds of audience and have interaction with them it goes beyond limitations of mobile apps. It provides you with the opportunity for real-time engagement. it is cost-effective and time saving for the organizer as well as attendees. It doesn’t require traveling to other cities.
  • Summit: Just like webinars international summit also can be attained, organized and addressed through our online streaming services. It provides opportunity for those who have busy schedule who don’t want to travel to distant places just to address summits keeping other engagements on hold.
  • Development & Learning Live: One of the most popular use of our live streaming services is to organize developmental seminars ,training classes and doubt clearing sessions by the, educators. It provides a digital record of the event that can be saved and revisited in the future. You can train employees over webcasting and can make sure that everyone is involved.

Why Half Circles Media?

With Half Circles Media, your live streaming can be completely manage and outsource to us in any locations where we provide services including Noida, Delhi and Lucknow. We require to get the video feed whether it’s from multiple or single cameras. In the process advanced equipment received the signals (feeds from camera) and converts it into signals that can be broadcasted on all social media platforms including YouTube. All the aspects of live streaming are managed by us. No much effort is needed from the customer. Live streaming allows people who couldn't be physically present to still participate in the event and feel like they are a part of it.

Live streaming of the all the events including wedding ceremony provide a digital record of the event that can be saved and revisited in the future. This can be particularly meaningful for couples who have loved ones who are no longer with them or who want to relive the day in the years to come.

Get started with live webcasting with us.