Social Media Campaign (Advertising, Marketing, PPC) Services Company

One of the most effective ways of digital marketing is social media campaigns as the number of internet users increasing every day. According to a study, India is expected to have 448 million social media users in 2023. The unique identity of the brand can be portrayed effectively to the audience with the use of a platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Not only this, such platforms provide advertising tools that are hyper-targeted so that the content can catch the attention of the audience quickly.

When any entity tries to influence digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. for marketing is termed a social media campaign or marketing. It is made to run on any platform that has social networking element. We plan it to fulfill a certain purpose in a specific period under an optimized budget.

Benefits of Social Media Campaign (Ads)

The benefit of social media campaigns is immense. You get online visibility of a brand that increases brand awareness and generates sales of their product or services almost instantly. This gives more control over the targeted audience. Every enterprise or individual wants his brand should be easily recognized among the audience and people should be well aware of the brand.

The whole purpose of the social media campaign is to solidify certain brand sentiments. The audience manipulates how they perceive your brand and if they are seeing your brand as trustworthy, caring, and, innovative. The benefit of a social media campaign is to increase the engagement and loyalty of customers and, to increase the conversion from potential customers.



Here are a few steps that we follow in making social media campaign. The steps are as follows-

  • Understand the Objective: -
  • First of all, we identify the goal, and what we are expecting to achieve with the social media campaign or Ads. Do social media campaigns concerning the platform will provide better engagement of customers? Does it provide better conversion of potential customers? We remain definite to refine the objectives and make sure the social campaign is effective, intentional, and targets a specific audience.

  • Select the platform as per the objective : -
  • In the second step, we decide where the social media campaign is going to be executed. This will be based partly on certain goals like where the targeted audience is hanging out the outline. For instance, if one wants to target a younger audience, the platform should be chosen that is widely used by them and it’s quite popular among them so, it would be more impactful. However, a platform like Instagram should be used to increase sales as customers from the younger generation are more open to the brands offering them products as a key solution.

    To reach a wider section of society, social media campaigns should be run across multiple platforms. Varying degrees of advertising functionality is provided by social media campaign used on different platforms. For instance, Instagram and Facebook have advanced targeting options, but it is not so when it comes to Twitter.

  • Plan the Campaign : -
  • With platform and objectives in the set, we brainstorm as to how your campaign will go to open up. From here, we can find out what kind of assets will be required or what the campaign is going to look like. What the budget will be? What geographical area needs to target? For example, we understand the location of service where the client serves, like Noida, Delhi NCR, Lucknow, or the entire country of India or anywhere else. When will the launch or pre-launch period be? This gives us an idea of what kind of visual or written content will going to be required.

  • Content is Planned and Written : -
  • To make a presence impactful among the audience, a social media campaign requires creative, text content in form of a tagline or slogan, description, and a snappy name. For the same purpose, we can also need video descriptions, post captions, and, some relevant hashtags.

  • Create Visual Assets : -
  • To stand out the brand on the internet, visual branding is crucial for a social media campaign. With the brand, we need to be eye-catching as well as consistent. Banners, logos, feeds, video ads, and story graphics are other visual assets that are might require.

  • Select your targeting and budget : -
  • At last, we work on the budget, schedule, and advertising plan needed to execute by uploading the content created for the purpose.

At last, we make reports on day to day basis and analyze them to understand the outcome of the ads and then we re-set them if there is any need to do so to optimize the same.