LinkedIn ADS (CPC & PPC) and Profile Management

In the world of Digital Marketing, we strongly believe that if you're not advertising your business on LinkedIn you are doing something wrong. If there is a mainstream social media that welcomes marketers with open arms it's LinkedIn. The platform is crafted as a holistic network for career & business professionals, with over 830 million members in more than 200 countries; it's by far the largest professional network on the planet and an ideal place for businesses & business people. As marketers have gravitated toward LinkedIn’s solutions to fuel their growth, they’ve also fueled the growth of LinkedIn’s. The company saw a 43% year-over-year increase in Marketing Solutions revenue in its third quarter of the year 2021. The platform’s rise in revenue is no surprise given its rise in user base. It keeps enhancing professional connectivity and maintains an environment of development for its advertisers as a plus.

Investing in LinkedIn Ads, you can ensure that your brand's voice reaches the right audience. Which is inherently an audience of decision-makers who also have 2x the buying power of typical online audiences, which means a doubly higher conversion rate for your business.

Marketing through social media platforms may feel technical and intimidating, understandably so, you have enough on your plate already, and do you even need to figure out another way to advertise?.

Actually, yes. You have more power at your disposal with LinkedIn in your marketing arsenal than you might realize. It's a truly powerful advertisement platform.

LinkedIn Ad Types

Let's go over and learn more about all the different types of LinkedIn ads you can create for your business.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

If you have a great piece of original content like any blog, guide, case study, free book, video, or podcast, you might want to promote it to other LinkedIn users through your LinkedIn feed on both desktop and mobile. Sponsored content is still one of the more popular types of advertising on LinkedIn because through it you can easily increase awareness of your business, increase the number of your potential customers, and ultimately increase your allover business revenue.

Sponsored by LinkedIn Mail

Sponsored Mail lets you freely target your audience and deliver content through LinkedIn Messenger establishing a direct line of communication with your customers. You will reach other LinkedIn users directly in their inbox whenever they check their LinkedIn mail. Since many business offers begin with an email, what better way to reach out to your potential customers?

Additionally, it features a much more interactive design with a button that you can see on both mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn Text Ads

If you're familiar with the Facebook featured right column ads, LinkedIn's text ads are very similar. The text ads contain a small-sized image along with a small font text where you can place your offer through an ad. You can drive user traffic directly to your business website to increase your sales and leads. The main key with these text ads is to keep optimizing your ad campaign to improve your results for a stable return.


Looking To Get Started?

If you want to invest in LinkedIn ads, we are here to help. There is a significant degree of difference between an amateur ad campaign and a professionally optimized ad campaign, that difference, needless to say, has a strong impact on your ROI. We go over everything from formulating the best advertising strategies, researching existing marketing practices and trends, building content that suits your business niche, and more, to grow your business utilizing LinkedIn. Even if you're looking to reach business professionals for B2B marketing, LinkedIn is currently one of the best social networks to do just that.

The best thing about investing in LinkedIn ads is that you have complete control over your ad budget, offers, and more. Moreover, you can even set your target audience and bid exclusively on them. The model is so that the more competitive it is to target this audience, the more expensive yet lucrative it is for you.

We want you to feel confident and satisfied about setting up your ads. There are several targeting options as well as different ad types to consider. After you set up your first campaign, it gets the ball rolling, and becomes much easier to optimize it as you progress. Our digital marketing experts create a suitable marketing campaign based on your business niche and marketing budget so that you may establish a profitable reach to your potential customer audience on LinkedIn.